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2019, Vol. 29, Issue 3
7 articles

Morphology, Anatomy, Cytology

Species of the genus Hippodonta (Bacillariophyta) in Russia: morphology, taxonomy, and distribution

Genkal S.I.1, Yarushina M.I.2
Algologia 2019, 29(3): 245–266
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Cyanobacterial action and histopathology in insects with a different type of nutrition

Gol’din E.B.
Algologia 2019, 29(3): 267–277
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Physiology, Biochemistry, Biophysics

Content of fucoxanthin in some brown algae from the Black Sea (Phaeophyceae, Ochrophyta)

Tkachenko F.P., Yakuba I.P.
Algologia 2019, 29(3): 278–286
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Flora and Geography

Expansion of Ulva maeotica and Cladophora siwaschensis (Chlorophyta, Chlorophyceae) in the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea

Stepanyan O.V.
Algologia 2019, 29(3): 287–297
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Species diversity of Bacillariophyta in the Nyzhniosulsky National Nature Park (Ukraine)

Kryvosheia O.N.1, Kapustin D.A.2
Algologia 2019, 29(3): 298–321
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Macrophytes of the marine water areas of the nature reserves in the Crimean Peninsula (Black Sea and Azov Sea)

Sadogurskiy S.Ye., Belich T.V., Sadogurskaya S.A.
Algologia 2019, 29(3): 322–351
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New Taxa and Noteworthy Records

New for the Ukraine representatives of Bacillariophyta of phytoepiphyton from reservoirs system of the Dnieper River and Lower Dnieper

Shcherbak V.I.1, Genkal S.I.2, Semenyuk N.Ye.1
Algologia 2019, 29(3): 352–368
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